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I AM POP provides artists and their marketers with an easy-to-use tool that simplifies direct-to-fan messaging and allows you to reach fans directly.

In our Case Study series, we chat to the people who regularly use our tool, and see how they feel about it. This time round, we spoke to Susie Parr-Burman from Good Soldier Songs about their Gavin James campaign.

Can you tell us who you are and what your role in music marketing is?

I’m Susie Parr-Burman, Digital Marketing Assistant at Good Soldier Songs.

Why did you start experimenting with direct-to-fan messaging? How does it fit in with your marketing strategy?

We first started experimenting with direct-to-fan messaging because fans have always reached out to our artists online to ask about new releases or upcoming shows and tours. So when we saw there was a way to communicate to our artists’ fans by putting that information straight in their inbox; it was a no-brainer.

Gavin James on Messenger

With which artist have you been using I AM POP's tool?

We have been using I AM POP with our artist Gavin James. Soon in to sending messages we noticed the ‘segmenting’ tool, and after some research we realised we could segment anyone signed up to the bot by country. From that segmentation, we were able to send out ticket links to fans about upcoming EU or USA or UK tours.

Segmenting an audience according to their location ☝️

What are the stats and how is it going so far?

We are really impressed with the results. Over 50% of the fans filled in the questionnaire and it has given us an amazing insight into our artist’s fans.

When it came to market research we asked ourselves:

How do we gather a large amount of data about our fans?

After seeing the open rate success on Messenger from simply asking which country fans are living in, we thought, why not just ask subscribers directly whether they can answer a few questions?

So we sent out a flow with a link to a questionnaire which, if filled in, gave our fans the chance to win a signed lyric sheet.

Good Soldier Songs' questionnaire flow for Gavin James

We are really impressed with the results. Over 50% of the fans filled in the questionnaire and it has given us an amazing insight into our artist’s fans. It would usually be impossible to gather that amount of information within a week at no cost, so we couldn’t be more pleased!

To you, what makes direct-to-fan messaging different from other communication channels like social and e-mail?

Direct-to-fan messaging is a form of marketing that can come across genuine and not overly intrusive — which is key. We use I AM POP for many things, such as promoting single releases. These posts have spend behind them on the Facebook feed so we usually see quite a large reach, but messenger always has a very high open rate without the spending. We are working on getting more sign-ups now to take advantage of this.

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