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How to get fans hyped up for your show

Last week we looked at the ‘Festival Review’ flow, which helps you promote your festival aftermovie and get your fans hyped up for the next edition. This is a great event marketing plan for festival organizers, but people who work in artist marketing might benefit from a different approach.

As an artist, you could do something similar by promising to send your fans exclusive backstage updates before the start of your show. This way, you really get to build anticipation, and you’ll be sure to face a hyped-up audience once you hit that stage! Because a great event marketing plan ensures that your audience is engaged before, during, and after the event.

Preview our Backstage Report Opt-in template in Messenger or try customizing the template yourself here.

The Backstage Report Opt-in Template flow in action

Boosting last minute ticket sales

An additional benefit of separating subscribers coming to your show from those who aren't is that your flow can branch off, and drive traffic to a website where you sell your tickets:


This way, you can ensure that your event is sold out! On top of that, you’ll be able to really engage your audience with unique, exclusive, backstage content. It’s the perfect opportunity to do something special for your super fans!

And if you didn’t already know about our awesome segmenting tool: This tool allows you to automatically add subscribers who opt-in to your backstage updates to a channel. The only thing you have to do to connect to your audience is send all that cool, exclusive content directly to this channel!

Behold: The power of direct-to-fan messaging!

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Get fans hyped up before your show with unique and exclusive backstage reports
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