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Setting up a Spotify pre-save campaign takes some planning and coordination. You’re going to want to start well in advance. While you’re at it, make sure you boost your pre-save campaign by running it through Messenger, too!

So you want to boost your release day streams in order to convince Spotify’s algorithms that your track is worth its while and should be included in its official playlists, for instance.

A pre-save campaign is a powerful tool that saves new music before it’s released so that it automatically shows up in your fans’ Spotify libraries.

Imagine how much more powerful this is if it’s accompanied by a push notification in Messenger, especially considering Messenger marketing’s extreme open rates. It’s the perfect case for guaranteeing a spike in your release day’s streaming activity.

Apart from increasing your streaming numbers, there’s the added bonus of optimizing your fans’ engagement. If they know about the release the moment it goes live, it increases the chances they will add it to their queues and playlists.

This spike in cumulative engagement is the perfect indicator for Spotify’s algorithms that your music is worth sharing. This can make or break a release, so best prepare well, and share your pre-save campaign on Messenger, too.


There are a number of tools which allow you to set up a Spotify pre-save campaign, fairly easily, and which create a landing page from which your fans can pre-save your soon-to-be released music.

You can try out our 'Boost Your Pre-Saves Through Messenger' template and customize it to your liking, by going to the 'Featured flows' section in your I AM POP dashboard! You can also see this flow template in action directly in Messenger.


Use it to drive traffic to your pre-save landing page, and segment your audience, so you can send them a reminder when your track goes live! You can see this flow template in action directly in Messenger, too.

Collect user data through Messenger

Oh, and if you didn’t already know about our awesome user data collection tool: This tool allows you to ask subscribers for their email address, location, or phone number.

While you’re driving traffic to your Spotify pre-save page, try to convince your subscribers to share this data with you. You can explain that you would also like to send them an email notification when the release is live!

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