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Our partners are just as excited about using I AM POP to directly connect artists with their audiences as we are. Sometimes, we like to put their Messenger Marketing efforts in the spotlight, too.

Our friends over at Moon Jelly, the global ad agency for the music industry, came up with the following Flow of the Week, and wrote a guest blog contribution on how it tells you how to get your fans excited for a new collaboration with an artist. Check it out!

Use humor to have a 'human' conversation with your fans

When you’re reaching out to your fans through Messenger, you want to be personable and make them feel like they’re actually having a conversation with you.

One of the best ways to achieve this is the use of humor. Humor makes you more approachable as an artist online, especially when you’re interacting with your fans on Messenger.

You don’t want to come across as an actual chatbot, so joking around a little is a great way to humanize the conversation and make your fans feel at ease.

To show you how you how to do this, we created a video where we use different types of humor, like a GIF and giving the fan some 'stupid' answers as options, that could never be right. Watch this great example below!

Use triggers to let your fans make guesses

You can ask your fans a question, and let them guess by creating two quick replies. First,  make a quick reply with the right answer, by typing the right answer in the ‘Triggers’ tab.

Make sure it’s not displayed as a quick reply button. This ensures that people will only trigger the reply when they type the words 'Martin Garrix'.


Then, make another quick reply button, and head over to the ‘Triggers’ tab again. Select ‘Trigger by any fan message’ at the bottom. This automatically replies to all wrong answers.


Right now, you can let your fans make a guess, and only when they type the right answer, the first trigger will by activated. For all other answers, the second trigger will be activated.

Letting your fans type their own answers in a conversation is very important, because it gives an even more personal experience. The result is that your fans lead the conversation for a moment, instead of you giving them only 2 choices.

The catch-all response to wrong answers is essential, so there is no risk of the experience being disappointing.

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