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As an event organizer, try promoting your events through direct messaging. In the run-up to the event, create some buzz and increase the hype by sending out regular updates, for instance.

Then hit your subscribers with an exclusive pre-sale link, giving them early access as a thank you for being part of your messaging collective.

You can also use direct messages surrounding the event, with backstage reports, directions to the event, or other time-sensitive updates.

For instance, we recently saw Second Sky Music Festival send out weather updates during the event itself, so attendees were prepared for the day’s weather conditions.

Keep everyone up to date!

You can also make sure your Facebook events are filled to the brim with attendees, and send out exclusive pre-sale links like a #SpotifyFansFirst campaign! This ensures your gig, concert, upcoming tour or other general event will be a booming success.

Depending on solely promoting your events on your usual social media channels is no longer the best way to handle your event marketing. Declining reach on newsfeeds means you will waste much of your time and effort. With a direct broadcast to your fans’ inboxes, and incredible click-through rates, you’ll ensure your efforts are put to good use.

Great event promotion marketers reach out to their audiences before, during, and after the events they promote. They reveal headliners prior to the event, inform attendees of logistics during, and promote the aftermovie when it’s all over.

Get your aftermovie out there!

This way, you make sure that your promotional efforts are going to be a great success. So get in touch and send them a direct message using our easy-to-use messaging platform!

You can try out our 'Promote Your Event' template and customize it to your liking, by going to the 'Featured flows' section in your I AM POP dashboard! You can also see this flow template in action directly in Messenger.

Collect user data through Messenger

Oh, and if you didn’t already know about our awesome user data collection tool: This tool allows you to ask subscribers for their email address, location, or phone number.

If you have a clear goal in mind of what to use this data for, and inform your subscribers accordingly, you might convince them to share this data with you, and personalize the content you broadcast even more!

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