The Power of Secret Messenger Societies vs. Public Social Media

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The move to messaging is 2019’s biggest trend in social media land. We’re seeing a pivot from public to private spaces on all social media platforms. Here’s why.

You might have noticed that Instagram recently started rolling out tests to hide likes on posts. This test has just been extended to 6 more countries. Whatever you may think about this move to deprecate the power of fake internet points - sorry about that, influencers - one thing is certain:

This development is totally in line with the overarching Facebook company’s pivot to a privacy-focused vision for social networking.

Focus on the saturated news feed model, based on the idea of a public town square, is slowly but surely being replaced with the digital equivalent of the living room: private groups and direct messaging.

Instagram’s tests are but one sign of this current trend - another huge indicator is Facebook’s plans to allow people to send each other messages across Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Instagram hiding likes. Source: TechCrunch

So what does this mean for Messenger marketing?

The Power of Secret Messenger Societies

When you start using Messenger to reach your audience directly and build a relationship with your true fans, you’re basically creating a whole new social media platform, based on private, one-on-one conversations.

Not only are people already a lot more attuned to interacting with each other through direct messages, this is also the perfect opportunity to create an exclusive, personal and conversational channel to your fans.

When people interact with your regular social media channels, a lot of your traditional vanity metrics are public to your audience:

They can see how many followers you have on Instagram. The likes on your Facebook posts are visible. Stats on how often you’ve been retweeted are out in the open.


This information devalues and depersonalizes your audience’s interaction with your social channels.

As you grow your subscriber count on Messenger, there is the upside of users not being aware of how many others are also part of your Messenger collective. There might be 100 users interacting with your Messenger channel. It could be 1000. Or there could only be one.

This is where Messenger marketing derives a lot of its power from. Subscribers have the feeling that their interaction with you is private, personal, exclusive and intimate. They have the feeling that they are part of the in-crowd, a member of a secret Messenger society.

Especially in the music industry, super fans will love this sense of exclusivity, especially if your Messenger channel is branded well.

When you’re setting up on Messenger, make sure to bear this aspect in mind, and play into the power of secret Messenger societies. You will amaze your subscribers with a unique user experience and fortify brand loyalty.

Besides, treating your fans to an exclusive direct messaging experience is, above all, a lot of fun!

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